Estate Law is more than just wills, trusts and probate. While not highly complicated, proper estate planning requires more than pulling down a fill-in form from the internet. Understanding the interplay between family and business or employment complexities is crucial to a good plan. Knowing when or under what circumstances it is appropriate to “avoid probate” may mean the difference of several hundred dollars in the cost of an appropriate estate plan. Estate Law Denver has the answers and its senior attorney, Jack Weaver, takes great pains to clarify the planning issues applicable for each prospective client, in determining the appropriate plan, whether simple or complex, that is best suited for each client’s personal circumstances. When you have a question that requires personal attention give Estate Law Denver, located in Greenwood Village, CO, a call and remember that there is never a charge for the initial consultation. Only after the initial interview with Jack, is the appropriate estate plan outlined and the fee quoted. You then have the option of proceeding, leaving, or discussing possible modifications of the proposed plan. Once the plan and fee have been approved by you, there are never any hidden fees or expenses. Estate Plan Options:
  • A comprehensive estate plan for each individual should include at the minimum:
    • A Will or a Living Trust
    • A Medical Durable Power of Attorney
    • A General Durable Power of Attorney
    • And if desired by the Client, a Declaration as to Medical or Surgical Treatment
      • Popularly referred to as a “Living Will”