Unless your estate plan is based upon a funded living trust, upon your passing, the process of dealing with the distribution of your estate is called “Probate.” While the term may sound ominous, actually the process has been greatly simplified and streamlined over the years. Ever since the book “How to Avoid Probate” was written in the 1960s, we have been dealing with the urban myth that it is crucial to ‘avoid probate.’ When a properly drafted up to date Will is in place, the probate process is usually quite simple and without incident. Certainly, there may be family complications leading to disputes and even contested court room proceedings, but the same may also result even if the decedent had a Living Trust instead of a Will. In fact whether dealing with a Personal Representative (Executor) under a Will or a Successor Trustee under a Living Trust, the process of administration of the decedent’s estate is very much the same in many respects. Either way, most families need the assistance of a qualified attorney to help them through the process and Jack Weaver at Estate Law Denver has considerable experience helping families to chart a proper course and resolve applicable issues to streamline and shorten the process. We provide personal attention for every case that our firm manages, and our goal is to explain to clients how the process works and what they’re likely to encounter. Consulting with us is easy. Except in the most complex of estates we are able to offer:
  • A flat-rate fee structure
  • Up-front fee quotes
  • No hidden costs
If you are in need of a probate law firm, our office, conveniently located in Greenwood Village, CO, maintains a highly flexible system for arranging consultations with clients because we understand how hard it can be to find time to consult with an attorney. Contact the friendly and helpful office staff at Estate Law Denver today, and we’ll arrange a time for you to confer with Mr. Weaver, have him look over the details of the decedent’s estate, and hear how we’d handle your case.